Women in the Economy
The Gulf Region Outlook – 2019

The Women in the Economy – The Gulf Region Outlook report details the nature and extent of diversity in the workplace across 9 sectors in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain, and includes unique data on:

[1] The present state of diversity in the workplace
[2] Factors hindering workplace progressions
[3] Initiatives organisations can take to increase diversity
[4] Personal aspirations of women in the workforce

This report offers regional insights on restrictions to the career progression and engagement of women, factors facilitating women’s career advancement, and recommendations for organisations to improve their support for the inclusion of women in the workforce. The report also sheds light on the lived experiences of women in the workforce in parallel with their commentary on the steps that their organisations should take to support them in their careers.

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Key Findings on Women in the Economy
UAE Outlook – 2017

The research aims to better understand women’s engagement in the UAE economy by understanding:

[1] The extent and nature of women’s current involvement
[2] The factors hindering the current extent of involvement
[3] Possible initiatives that can support women’s engagement

The sectors focused on are:

[1] Energy and Environment
[2] Healthcare and Wellness
[3] Finance and Communications
[4] Information and Communications Technology, and STEM

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