NAMA Women Advancement Establishment and The Big Heart Foundation collaborated with the International Network for Aid, Relief, and Assistance (INARA) to provide medical and psychosocial support to refugee girls and adolescents in Turkey and Lebanon. A needs assessment conducted by INARA in 2019 in Turkey highlighted the gaps in refugees' access to health services, particularly plastic and reconstructive surgeries, prosthesis, and psychosocial support.

Meanwhile, refugees in Lebanon lack access to secondary and tertiary health care institutions that can provide proper care for complicated health conditions.Through this project, INARA fully covered the medical treatment of conflict-affected children and provided psychosocial support by pairing beneficiaries with a case manager to oversee their treatment. In-house mental health services were also provided to help beneficiaries cope with trauma.



girls received access to medical treatment and psychosocial support services


families reported an improvement in their family income due to the elimination of the medical care burden


The project had a significant impact on the beneficiaries, with 24 girls receiving access to medical treatment and psychosocial support services. 94% of the 18 beneficiaries who received extensive psychosocial support showed major signs of improvement in their wellbeing, while 91.6% of beneficiaries reported feeling empowered due to the support they received.

The project also had a positive economic impact, with 11 families reporting an improvement in their family income due to the elimination of the medical care burden. Six family members who were not able to work due to being the primary caretakers of the injured children have now rejoined the labor market. Additionally, out of 16 households who reported having a family member dedicated to caring for the injured children, 15 reported they can now allocate more time to care for other children or household.


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