The ongoing conflicts in Iraq have left over 1.2 million people displaced, with an additional 250,000 refugees from Syria seeking refuge in the country. The displaced populations, including women and girls, face numerous challenges, including limited access to basic services and economic opportunities, and the trauma of the conflict. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, and sexual violence.

NAMA and the Big Heart Foundation have partnered to support The Lotus Flower Organization's "Women's Business Incubation" program. This initiative provides women with income-generating activities to create sustainable income, along with free access to individual and group psychosocial support and community awareness activities. The program is being implemented at The Lotus Flower's Women Empowerment Centers in Essyan and Rwanga camps for Internally Displaced People and the Domiz-2 refugee camp hosting Syrian refugees.



people have benefitted so far (including men and boys)


sessions were conducted towards individual counselling for mental health cases


women-led businesses were supported so far


The Women's Business Incubation program aims to benefit more than 1,500 women and girls and their families over a year, empowering them with the skills and resources to generate income and improve their economic situation. Additionally, the program provides psychosocial support to help women and girls overcome the trauma of conflict and displacement and create awareness about the importance of women's economic empowerment.

Through this partnership, we are committed to promoting women's economic empowerment and providing the necessary support to vulnerable women and girls affected by the conflicts in Iraq. By enabling women to generate sustainable income and promoting their well-being, we believe that we can contribute towards building stronger and more resilient communities.


To provide an enabling environment for women to access knowledge, services, support systems and resources, through a development network that advances them to reach their highest potential – in short, we are working towards building an equitable world for women.

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