Refugee girls and young women often face significant barriers to accessing education and vocational training. Many lack the resources necessary to attend school regularly, including transportation and education supplies. Additionally, girls may struggle with psychosocial issues related to their displacement and trauma.



girls and young women were empowered with primary education, life skills, and vocational training


NAMA and The Big Heart Foundation collaborated with RefuSHE to implement the Girls Empowerment Program (GEP), which provided primary education, life skills, and vocational training to enhance the resilience of refugee girls and young women. In addition, participants received support with transport, education supplies, day care, and two meals a day to encourage consistent attendance and positive learning outcomes.

During the one-year grant period, RefuSHE exceeded the target and served 333 refugee girls and young women in the GEP. The program aimed to empower 240 unaccompanied refugee adolescent girls and young women with primary education, life skills, and vocational training. The intended outcomes of the program were for girls to complete their primary education, build English and Swahili literacy skills, experience psychosocial healing, experience increased well-being, and obtain vocational skills with which they can build a livelihood.


To provide an enabling environment for women to access knowledge, services, support systems and resources, through a development network that advances them to reach their highest potential – in short, we are working towards building an equitable world for women.

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