The Challenge

Investments in women empowerment, participation, education and leadership are essential to counter rising violent extremism in areas of conflict. Gendered, inclusive, pluralistic, multilateral, and multifaceted strategies rooted in local efforts would not only prevent the radicalisation of young women and girls but also empower them to be positive role models in peacebuilding and allow them to curb violent tendencies in their communities.

Resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council now recognise the indispensable role of women and girls in promoting peace and countering violent extremism. The Girl Ambassadors for Peace programme (GA4P) was developed by the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) with the goal to empower young women and girls in conflict areas to be positive role models in peacebuilding and respond to violent extremism in their communities.



women and girls in Indonesia and Bangladesh trained as leaders and peacebuilders


duration of Girl Ambassadors for Peace programme (GA4P)


A partnership programme led by both us and the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders has empowered young women from conflict-affected countries to be leaders and agents of peace.

Girl Ambassadors for Peace Programme (GA4P), launched in Indonesia and Bangladesh for three years from 2017-to 2019, has facilitated cross-learning and knowledge-sharing and enabled a mutual exchange of strategies and lessons learned among young women peacebuilders in these two countries.

Aimed at encouraging network building, fostering solidarity between civil society organisations, and creating a supportive ecosystem for girls and women in their local communities, the GA4P programme has also promoted their economic empowerment through skills development and entrepreneurship training.

Through the GA4P programme, the capacities of young women and girls to promote and protect their rights have been considerably enhanced. The project also encouraged public-private partnerships, while an educational toolkit was created for use in future projects.


To provide an enabling environment for women to access knowledge, services, support systems and resources, through a development network that advances them to reach their highest potential – in short, we are working towards building an equitable world for women.

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