This program offers a combination of workshops on home aesthetics and home gardening. Through this program, participants will be able to invest in their capabilities and skills to transform their homes into inspirational spaces that blend creativity and sustainability, reflecting on their lifestyles and mental well-being.

Our partners and experts in gardening will guide the participants on how to choose a variety of plants and care for them, ranging from flowers and herbs to vegetables and fruits. Participants will also learn how to create a home garden. Additionally, they will discover how to harvest products and preserve any surplus.

In addition to home gardening, the program includes workshops on interior design and organization, how to choose appropriate colors and lighting for the home, as well as methods for selecting decor and furniture that align with their personal style. It will also teach how to creatively utilize home spaces.

The program will provide an opportunity for effective communication among participating women who share similar interests, allowing them to exchange ideas and knowledge.

Home Aesthetics

Home aesthetics entails an integrated course specialized in home aesthetics that includes skills that will potentially help women within the household. The main objectives of this program are:

  • To teach the basics of home interior design
  • To invest the capabilities of housewives and retirees
  • To promote mental health and life skills through applied workshops in the field of home interior design
  • To promote personal development skills through home aesthetics skills

Home gardening

Home gardening includes educational workshops and field visits to farms to connect participants others who have experience in this area. The main objectives are:

  • To teach and develop organic farming skills among female participants
  • To encourage women to use home spaces effectively
  • To promote the culture of sustainability following a healthy lifestyle and food security
  • To promote personal development skills

Program Partners