Home Gardening

This workshop will be delivered in an interactive way where women will be taught about organic home gardening methods and how to take care of plants using modern farming methods.

Suburb Councils in Sharjah Tuesday, October 17, 2023 Register Here


  • To teach and develop organic farming skills among female participants
  • To encourage women to use home spaces effectively through organic farming
  • To promote the culture of sustainability and following a healthy lifestyle and food security among the participants
  • To promote personal development skills through home gardening skills


  • Different home planting methods (pots, vertical planting, hydroponic)
  • Seed germination and potting
  • Planting fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers
  • Home garden maintenance
  • Commercializing home garden in the long run
  • Personal skills: time management, financial management, problem-solving, mental health

Workshops are scheduled to commence on October 17th and conclude on November 14th. Participants have the flexibility to choose their preferred workshop from the registration drop-down menu.