From Home Garden to Table

Through this workshop, we aim to complement what participants have learned from home gardening skills by acquiring skills to help them use home garden crops in making healthy dishes.

Suburb Councils in Sharjah Wednesday, October 18, 2023 Register Here


The workshop will cover how to clean and preserve crops, healthy recipes, and how to benefit from surplus crops (e.g., dates). Through the workshop, women will acquire various personal development skills, including health awareness, creative thinking, problem-solving, and time management.


• Harvesting and cleaning fruits, vegetables, and herbs from home garden

• Best ways to utilize home garden produce in creating healthy dishes

• Preserving surplus for the long run (jam, pickles, dips, etc.)

• Arranging dining table for family meals and occasions

• Arranging flowers from the home garden home to influence the mood of the room

• Personal skills: time management, financial management, problem-solving, mental health

Workshops are scheduled to commence on 18th October and conclude on November 15th. Participants have the flexibility to choose their preferred workshop from the registration drop-down menu