Basics of interior design

This workshop aims to increase the knowledge of participants about the basics of home interior design and promote sustainability.

Suburb Councils in Sharjah Tuesday, October 03, 2023


This workshop taps into the impact of interior design, lighting, furniture layout, and colour choices in enhancing homes and creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.


• Selection of colors and proper lighting to influence the mood of a space and set the tone for the entire design scheme

• Furniture choice and room layout based on functionality and comfort

• Using texture, pattern, and accessories to create a unified and harmonious space.

• Child safety – baby-proofing furniture

• Personal skills: time management, financial management, problem-solving, mental health

Workshops are scheduled to commence on September 5th and conclude on October 3rd at the Suburb Councils in Sharjah, participants have the flexibility to choose their preferred workshop from the registration drop-down menu