Bios of Business Women - NAMA Women Advancement Establishment

Bios of Business Women

Zanubia Daud Shams

Co Chairperson Zulekha Healthcare Group

A prolific entrepreneur and sincere healthcare ambassador, Ms. Zanubia is a business grad from the United States of America specializing in Business administration. She took over operational responsibilities of the Zulekha Healthcare Group from her mother Dr. Zulekha Daud ten years ago and has passionately helmed the growth of this fast-growing healthcare brand. She has been shouldering the operational responsibilities of the Zulekha Healthcare Group since 2005. Ms. Zanubia Shams has an inherent passion for excellence in operations and with her strategic leadership she exudes an air of confidence that catalyses the operational efficiencies across Zulekha Healthcare Group.

Dr. Amal Ibrahim Al Ali

An Emarati coach and corporate trainer – founder and CEO of Cardiff Management Consultants

She is a Certified Instructor in Applied Innovation: OpenGenius, a trained Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and uses NLP technique to unblock problematic thinking to restore creativity. As a former Sharjah Government Director of government communications. Dr. Amal has an enviable reputation for excellence in the varying fields of communications, information technologies, creative industries, education, governance and international relations.

Raghda Hamad Taryam

Founder, Creative Director & Fashion Designer KANZI

Winner of Best Fashion Designer Arab Women Award 2015, a mother, a prominent business executive, social entrepreneur, creative visionary and talented fashion designer. Based in the emirate of Sharjah UAE, Raghda is a passionate advocate for women in business, and a leader in the Arab fashion community. Raghda has utilized skills in entrepreneurship, marketing, fashion design, business, accounting, human resources and many others to build up a business portfolio that makes her independently successful and a role model for young, enthusiastic, female Arabs who wish to work for themselves.

Nada Ali Al Lawati

Member of Nama Women Advancement Establishment Executive Committee

Nada was appointed member of Nama Executive Committee due to her vast experience in the field of women empowerment. She has served as Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC) board member and as member of SBWC Executive Committee.

Nada is the founder and Chairperson of SEED Group in the UAE, with a focus on Systems for Early Education & Development. SEED Group currently owns and manages Preschools and schools in the UAE. The group also focuses on child health and nutrition, developing healthy eating options under their brand Mum Mum.

She attends the Think tank on Global Education at the Harvard School of Education Boston, US. Prior to founding the SEED Group, Nada worked with and advised leading international brands across the region, including Gucci, YSL, Bottega Veneta. Nada has a BA in International Finance, Franklin College, Switzerland. Apart from her other business interests Nada is also invested in the fashion world, she encourages upcoming fashion brands by investing in them & guides them toward commercial success.