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Badiri Education & Development Academy

Badiri Entrepreneurship Programme (BEP)

The Badiri Entrepreneurship Programme (BEP) is an inclusive entrepreneurial programme designed to assist participants turn their ideas into successful business projects and start-ups by developing specific skill sets in business and leadership.

BEP covers multiple topics such as entrepreneurship concepts, business best practices in the UAE, developing and adapting business models to market research, marketing planning, financial planning and operations, management planning, research mechanisms and data collection as well as action plan development.

Application Criteria
  • Be a female UAE citizen or resident
  • Ability to attend the whole program in Sharjah City
  • Hold a secondary or higher education certificates
  • Have a good command of English language
  • Have an established start-up business or intending to step up a business before the end of the programme’s duration
Requirements to Complete the Programme
  • Participants should attend at least 85% of the course in the UAE or online; this includes the classes, workshops, webinars and events.
  • Participants should attend the field mission abroad (TBD).
  • Participants should submit their business plan and present it in the pitching event.

Badiri E-Academy

Badiri E-Academy is one of the central initiatives of Badiri Education and Development Academy – the learning and capacity building arm of the NAMA Women Advancement Establishment (NAMA).

The E-Academy is a free online learning platform built on the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) model, and targets university students, women and men, aspiring and established entrepreneurs, working professionals, job seekers, and all who seek to develop their professional and life skills worldwide.

The E-Academy currently offers professional training courses in Business, Entrepreneurship, Culture, Theories, and Science, in both English and Arabic. This list will gradually expand to include other courses and in more languages.

The courses have been selected to respond to the needs of women in the learning and professional development process. In line with our firm belief that all people have the right to access sources of knowledge, the E-Academy is open to men and women from all over the world.


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